Dr. Molinero has 19 years of experience in groundwater hydrology and hydrochemistry . He is currently Director of the Water and Soils Department at Amphos 21 Consulting, a group of companies with over 100 consultants.

His areas of expertise are hydrochemical and geochemical modeling, quantitative hydrogeology, hydrology of fractured rocks and interaction between groundwater and civil engineering and mining infrastructure. He is the author of more than 100 scientific publications including renowned international journals. He has worked on over 100 environmental consultancy projects in different countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. 

David Arcos has a doctorate in Geology from the University of Barcelona (1996). In 1997, he joined Amphos 21 Consulting, a scientific and strategic environmental consulting company, as Senior Consultant. He is currently Director of Mining Geochemistry at Amphos 21. His main areas of expertise are geochemistry, mineral deposits, nuclear and industrial waste management, industrial site geochemistry and engineered barriers, migration and retention of pollutants (metals and radioactive elements), computational modeling of natural systems’ geochemical and hydrogeological behavior, engineering barriers and mining sites.

He specializes in developing conceptual and numerical hydrogeochemical models, both in the field of mining and nuclear waste management. He has participated in various mining projects in South America and the Caribbean, on issues of feasibility, environmental impact assessment, closure and remediation, as well as projects in radioactive waste management

In addition, Dr. David Arcos has authored and co-authored more than 30 publications in international scientific journals. He has worked on projects dedicated to radioactive waste management for the majority of European agencies as well as projects for a large number of mining companies, especially in South America.

Sebastián Donoso is a lawyer for Barros y Errázuriz where he specializes in mining, water and indigenous issues. Sebastián Donoso is a lawyer at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and holds a Masters in Social Policy and Planning in Developing Countries from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Before that, Sebastian Donoso was an Associate Lawyer for Carey y Cía.; Chef of Cabinet for former senator Marco Cariola; lawyer for Minera Esperanza , part of the Antofagasta Minerals group; and Special Advisor to the Chilean government on indigenous issues.

Sebastian is Research Associate at the Centre for Public Policies at the Universidad Católica. He teaches on the Diploma of Community Relations for the Extractive Industry at the Universidad Católica and is a member of the Law Faculty and professor of Indigenous Legislation and Public Policies. He is also Professor of Indigenous Rights for the Diploma on Natural Resources and Energy at the above university.

Since 2013, he is Advisor to the National Institute of Human Rights.

Bronwyn Voyce is an experienced professional renowned for her insight, foresight and outcomes centred approach, Bronwyn Voyce is a freelance consultant providing strategic advice and implementation oversight to clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. She has a particular interest in supporting the convergence of these sectors to nurture economic and social solutions by developing new approaches to complex and emerging problems. With over a decade experience across the public and private sectors, Bronwyn has worked with government, corporates, industry groups, SME’s and startups, not-for-profits and community groups. Her strength lies in her ability to draw on her broad skills and knowledge to design creative and strategic solutions for clients seeking an independent and forward thinking perspective. Bronwyn is a standout leader in her field with solid business acumen, corporate governance oversight and entrepreneurial tendencies. Her experience ranges from banking and financial services sector, local government, business development, strategic communications and engagement, regional policy and research, economic development, innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.  Bronwyn has a Graduate Certificate in Economic Development, a Masters in International and Community Development and a Diploma in Business Management and Administration.  She currently holds the following positions: Co-Deputy Chair, Regional Development Australia Far North Queensland & Torres Strait Inc; Co-Deputy Chair, Taste Paradise - Tropical North Queensland Regional Food Network; Co-Founder, Republic - Cairns Millennial Taskforce; and Alumni Member, Australian American Young Leaders Dialogue.

Dr Geraldine McGuire is Managing Director of Sustainable Solutions and a scientist with a degree with first class honours and a PhD in agricultural science. She has worked in research and for the private and public sectors in Australia, Asia and the Pacific. She was formerly the Environment and Mine Closure Manager for a large gold mine in Indonesia owned by Rio Tinto. Geraldine established and has run her own two companies for over 13 years and also has a strong interest in private/public partnerships and governance. She has lead a number of long-term and complex impact assessments and mine closure projects in both Laos and Indonesia. She was formerly on the Board of Directors for Regional Development Australia (Far North Queensland and Torres Strait) and in 2013 was the winner of a prestigious scholarship to build the capacity of women directors. She is committed to the empowerment of women and remote/regional communities through engagement and participation in appropriate sustainable developments and organisations which deliver shared value.

Rodrigo is President of GConsulting Lean Solutions, a company dedicated to implement continuous improvement strategies in mining, construction, services and manufacturing. He is a Civil Engineer and Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Universidad Católica de Chile. He also serves as Director of Isoflex Chile, company dedicated to providing  visual management solutions in the mining industry, hospitals, laboratories, food companies, and manufacturing.

He has 15 years of experience in implementing LEAN methodology in Chile and Peru. He is also responsible for the development and adaptation of LEAN methodologies applicable to Latin American profile and actively participates in: Lean Institute Brazil, Mexico and Productivity Press SNI Peru; and founder of GConsulting in Chile. He also works as a trainer and guide for teams of industrial and civil engineers for continuous improvement in Chile and Peru. He has served mining clients such as Sierra Gorda, Komatsu, Cia Minera Buenaventura.

Laura is President and CEO of Flow Partners Inc., Canadian consulting firm with operations in Chile. She is an engineer in mine and holds a Masters in Mining Automation (McGill University) and professional. She is a business leader with over 20 years’ experience in mining; considered one of the top 100 professional women in mining by "Women in Mining" (UK). She also developed and implemented a program of "Zero Harm Operational Excellence" and integrated a technology strategy, from mine to market, for Sierra Gorda project in Chile.

Also she is recognized as a leader in Lean Mining®, mining automation and innovation and technology in the natural resources industry worldwide. She has personally served clients such as: Goldcorp, KGHM International, Sierra Gorda SCM, KMC Mining, Rio Tinto Technology & Innovation, IAMGold, Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold, Alcoa, Syncrude, Suncor, Cambior, Inco, Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum.

Cristian es un economista con 20 años de experiencia trabajando para el sector de las industrias extractivas, asesorando a empresas, realizando y dirigiendo proyectos de investigación y consultoría en más de 10 países de Asia-Pacífico, América Latina y África. Cristian es un profesional que durante estos años, ha desarrollado un amplio conocimiento, capacidad profesional, conexiones personales, y un alto nivel de madurez para comprender los desafíos y temas de minería y metales de la industria actuales y mundiales.

Ha trabajado en colaboración con importantes empresas mineras multinacionales; consejos y asociaciones mineras; instituciones de desarrollo y organizaciones internacionales; organizaciones no gubernamentales; gobiernos a nivel nacional y local; grupos representantes de la sociedad civil, comunidades y los distintos grupos de interés del sector minero.

Cristian ha trabajado para BHP Billiton, Citibank NA, Consultora Malthus y el Centro para la Responsabilidad Social en Minería (CSRM-UQ, Australia), en donde lidero investigaciones relacionada con el impacto socioeconómico y el desarrollo humano en las regiones mineras. Actualmente es el Director de Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo, una red de profesionales internacionales se centran en conectar las industrias extractivas a los objetivos de desarrollo. Cristian mantiene su conexión con CSRM como Industrial Fellow.

Anita is a social scientist with 15+ years’ experience in social research. She holds a MA in Research Psychology at the University of Pretoria. She specialises in social impact assessment, social management planning and execution, social marketing research and monitoring and evaluation. Her main responsibilities include the development and implementation of integrated social assessments and management plans throughout the project life cycle process, from the concept phase to the execution of projects. In her work, Anita ensures that the findings and recommendations of the social assessments and plans are relevant, considered, implemented, monitored and evaluated. She works closely stakeholders in the development of plans. Anita has developed a number of internal as well as external stakeholder management plans for projects.

Professor Jacques Wiertz is a Geological Engineer and Doctor in Applied Sciences from the University of Liège, Belgium. He started his career as a researcher in environmental biotechnology in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Liège. For 5 years he worked as an expert at the United Nations in Chile on a UNDP project in biohydrometallurgy. Since 1992, Jacques has worked as a professor at the Universidad de Chile in the Chemical and Mining Engineering Department. Currently, he is the coordinator of the Environmental Chair in Mining Department.  He worked as a consultant at CONAMA (National Commission for Environment) on formulating environmental regulations and reviewing studies and plans concerning copper smelting decontamination. Jacques Wiertz collaborated as an international expert for the European Union on evaluating an environmental management project in the mining district of Alto Caroni in Venezuela and also on a seminar for the study of contaminated site remediation due to the Aznalcollar tailings dam breaking in Spain.

Dr. Wiertz has run a number of professional courses and research, as well as development projects in the area of extractive metallurgy and environmental management on mining projects. He is a technical coordinator for international seminars and conferences at Gecamin. Dr. Jacques Wiertz has been responsible for the technical program as well as the co-editor of the proceedings for the following conferences: Mine Closure 2007 and 2010, Water in Mining 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014, Paste 2009, Enviromine 2009 and 2011 and Enermin 2010 and 2012, SRmining 2013 y ICARD-IMWA 2015.

Ingeniero Comercial con 20 años de experiencia liderando proyectos de Consultoría Gerencial, con resultados probados en diversas industrias a nivel local y global. Fuerte orientación a la satisfacción de clientes y emprendimiento. Experiencia en el desarrollo de equipos de trabajo de alto desempeño, que superan metas y desafíos planteados. Especialización en optimización de procesos de cadena de abastecimiento y gestión de activos físicos, a través de Lean Supply Chain y Lean Maintenance. Amplia experiencia en Strategic Sourcing, implantación de ERPs y sistemas especialistas para la gestión de pagos comprables, rediseño de procesos y manejo del cambio organizacional. Más de USD 250 millones gestionados en compras estratégicas, con generación de ahorros anuales de 15% promedio.

Profesional con formación SIX SIGMA BLACK BELT con más de 9 años liderando equipos multidisciplinarios de mejoras en áreas de mantenimiento y abastecimiento, trabajando en diversos tipos de industria e clientes en Brasil, Argentina, Chile y Perú.

Liderando diseño e implementación de mejoras de procesos de administración del trabajo, derivando en control presupuestario de los costos de mantenimiento y repuestos, incremento del mantenimiento preventivo y predictivo, mejora en la confiabilidad e disponibilidad de los equipos críticos, entre otras ganancias que fueron sostenidas con el tiempo a través de entrenamientos y Coaching realizados en el local de trabajo de cada rol clave de mantenimiento como planificadores, programadores y ingenieros de confiabilidad y mantenimiento.

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