Eduardo Ruiz

Eduardo Ruizis a Geotechnical Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Cataluña and the Barcelona School of Geology (1999) specializing in Hydrogeology. His thesis was on the aspect specialization of numerical modeling of low permeability hydrogeological media in the Department of Geotechnical Engineering (UPC) where he has been a researcher since 1999. He has been a part of the Amphos21 team since 2000, currently as the General Manager of Amphos21 Peru.

Eduardo has extensive experience with quantitative hydrogeology and hydrochemistry in studies related to water and waste management as well as civil and mining engineering projects. Amongst his areas of expertise are complex modeling: models of varying density (mining salt flats, coastal aquifers…), energy transport (heat impact on aquifers, geothermal resources…), subsurface contaminant flow and transport (environmental liabilities, mining…), and hydromechanical unsaturated flow modeling. Moreover, he is proficient in water characterization and monitoring, hydraulic test design, remediation of contaminated sites and geological engineering. Eduardo has authored numerous publications related to different aspects of all of the above. 

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