Carlos Avendaño

Mr. Carlos Avendaño, Chemical Civil Engineer (Universidad de Concepción, Chile), has been involved in various electrometallurgical and leaching projects. He has dedicated himself to the area of Hydrometallurgy and Solvent Extraction. It is in these areas that he is involved in various projects for Codelco Chile (El Salvador, Teniente and Chuquicamata divisions). He has also participated in the area of Design and Construction of SX and EW plants in Minera Michilla and Enami.

In 1990, Avendaño founded Sociedad Terral SA where he is the General Manager. As a result, he is more active in various advisory projects in mining, both in Chile and abroad.

He has conducted research in the following areas:

  • Modified methods of metallurgical testing and leaching.
  • Leaching Techniques using oxidizers.
  • Ammoniacal leaching of minerals.
  • Software development for hydrometallurgical plant engineering design 

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