Cristian Parra

Cristian Parra is an Economist specialising in the analysis of socioeconomic development and progress in resources regions and heavy industry (17 years of experience). His work focuses on the development issues, socioeconomic impact assessment of large scale projects including tax effects, linkage industry, employment, social corporate investment, effects on local and small communities and the analysis of macroeconomic effects.

Cristian has been involved in a range of projects and activities in Latin America, Africa, and Asia–Pacific, focussing on the analysis, monitoring and framework design of human development and quality of life indicators in communities and mining zones, supporting communication process and corporate affairs strategies.

Cristian has a long track record of working to understand and apply the principles of sustainable development and corporate for social responsibility within the global resources industry.

The long term goal of his professional development is to support a better understanding of social and economic change processes generated by the resources industries focus is on the social, economic and political challenges, and working for consolidated large company.

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