Dr. Alfredo Marín

Dr. Alfredo Marín Suárez, is a Docteur Ingénieur in Geostatistics from the École Nationale Superieure Des Mines, Paris, France. His thesis is entitled “Méthodologie de L’estimation et Simulation Multivariable des Grands Gisements Tridimensionnels”, under the direction of Dr. Georges Matheron, 1978. Dr. Marín is the first Ph.D in geostatistics from Latin America, and only Peruvian, graduated from this university under Georges Matheron.

Beginning in 2006, Dr. Marín carried out a three year resources estimation in the exploration stage of Toromocho’s Project, Perú Copper, as requested by the American geologist J. David Lowell, who discovered the Mina Escondida of Chile. 

Marín is a professor of geostatistics at the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, and dictates special courses and conferences both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Marín works as a consultant for companies in Chile, France, Canada, Spain, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru, and was a geostatistical assistant at the Datamine software company for the Bateas and Minsur estimation projects (2010 - 2011).

Marín developed geostatistical works on resource estimation for the American geologist J. David Lowell from Lowell Mineral Exploration, Warintza, Ecuador (2004-2007), and currently he is evaluating a titanium deposit in laterites from the Republic of Paraguay, at David Loweell’s company CIC Resources, among others, Dr. Marín is the president of the 6th World Conference on Sampling and Blending http://www.wscb2013.com/english .



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