Dr. Dee Bradshaw

Dee Bradshaw has been a Professorial Research Fellow at The University of Queensland (UQ) since 2008.  Before that, she did her PhD and worked at the Centre for Minerals Research at the University of Cape Town (UCT) for over 25 years. In 2007, she spent a sabbatical with Rio Tinto working at both the Centre for Operational and Technical Excellence in Bundoora and at Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation in Salt Lake City. In 2014, she was a visiting academic in the Mining Engineering Department at Hacettepe University. Her background and research have mainly been in flotation and process mineralogy and she is particularly interested in the development of a mineralogical framework across the mining value chain.

Her role and research career can be characterised by ‘extracting and developing potential’. This has led to many different research outcomes including: Traditional outputs such as research higher degrees (RHD) awarded (supervised > 40), papers published and presentations given at conferences (>150); establishment of research initiatives and groups with both university and industrial support; development of linkages with international researchers and industrial supporters and collaborators (participating in and leading themes in the AMIRA P9 and P843 projects) and generating research capacity in general. She has participated in many post graduate and professional development courses for industry in South Africa, Australia, Canada and Turkey. 

In 2013 the University of Queensland as a leader who nurtures and develops her graduate students, a concept she calls ‘Living Gold’ (http://vimeo.com/73666824‎), recognised her. 


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