Dr. Dobroslav Znidarcic

Dr. Dobroslav Znidarcic

Professor, University of Colorado Boulder, USA


B.Sc., Civil Engineering, 1972, University of Zagreb, Croatia

M.S., Civil Engineering, 1978, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Ph.D., 1982, University of Colorado, USA

Areas of expertise: Flow processes in soils, seepage, soil consolidation, unsaturated soils, slope stability, laboratory testing, numerical modelling, centrifuge modelling of soil mechanics problems. 

Project experience: He has been involved internationally in many mining projects focusing on consolidation and desiccation of mine tailings. These projects covered both material testing and storage capacity predictions including post deposition and closure settlement predictions. His present research is in the area of oil sand tailings, dredged spoils disposal and consolidation of materials in geotubes

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