Dr. Enrique Rubio

Dr. Enrique Rubio is a mining and civil engineer (1998), from the Universidad de Chile, and has a MASc in Mining Engineering (2002) and a PhD in Mining Engineering (2005) from the University of British Columbia with a specialization in the area of mine planning. His areas of expertise are the development of reliability models applied to mine planning used in underground mining, transition from open-pit mining to underground mining, metallurgical geo-mining planning and microseism. He has published more than 12 articles in international congresses and magazines.

Dr. Enrique Rubio’s general specialization areas are mining technology, mine planning, numerical modeling and mining information systems. During his career he has worked as a mining consultant at Codelco (Chile), Gemcom (Canada), Placer Dome (Canada), Rio Tinto (England), PT Freeport Indonesia (Indonesia), De Beers (South Africa), McIntosh Engineering (USA), Crest Investment (USA), BHP Billiton (Chile) and at several other mining companies in Chile.

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