Dr. Jorge Molinero

Dr. Jorge Molinero is a Geologist from the Universidad de Barcelona; has graduate studies in Groundwater Hydrology from UPC; and a PhD. in Civil Engineering from the Universidad de A Coruña. He has been a professor at the Universidad de A Coruña and at the Universidad de Compostela. Currently, he is the president of the Spanish group Asociación Internacional de Hidrogeólogos.

Since 2007 Molinero has been a senior consultant in AMPHOS 21, and since 2010 has been the scientific-technical director in the same company. His main work is related to the numerical modelling of groundwater flow and reactive solute transport, in both porous and fractured media. Moreover, he has proven experience in evaluation and management functions of hydric resources, as well as experience in international cooperation projects for development in the water and sanitation sectors. 




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