Dr. Osvaldo Aduvire

 Dr. Osvaldo Aduvire is a Mining Engineer from the Jorge Basadre National University in Tacna, Peru. His post-graduate studies are in Earth Sciences, Crystallography, Mineralogy and Metallogeny from the Autonomous University of Madrid; Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering in CEDX, Ministry of Public Works; Programming and Project Control at the Polytechnic University of Madrid; Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits at the Complutense University of Madrid; Business Administration at the Polytechnic University in Madrid; Quantitative Research Methodology at the Board of Scientific Research of Spain; and Auditing of Environmental Management Systems at the European program CAM with the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He has a Master’s in General and CEDEX Applied Hydrology from the Ministry of Fomento, Spain, and is a Doctor in Mining from the Mining Engineering School at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (1991).

Dr. Osvaldo Aduvire has over 30 years professional experience in mining and environment. He has participated in various projects related with the following: technical-economic evaluation of mining projects, geo-mechanical characterization of rock masses, design and restoration of tailings and waste dumps, environmental impact assessment on mining and civil engineering, geochemical characterization of mining sterile and waste, mining design and machine dimensioning, mine effluent characterization and design of passive treatment systems for acidic waters and mine closure plan development. 

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