Mr. Carlos Pavissich

Carlos Pavissich is a Senior Associate Engineer with a BSc in Civil Engineering from the Universidad de Chile (1993). His areas of expertise include: Tailings projects management and design for mining industry; Conventional, thickened and filtered tailings options studies and TSF site selection; Prefeasibility and feasibility studies for tailings dams and transport systems; Coordination of tailings testing, pilot trials, groundwater studies, stability assessments, environmental studies and authorization permits.

Additionally he works with water dams and hydraulic structures design for irrigation, hydroelectric power and water supply projects. As well as engineering design for infrastructure and fish-farms projects and seepage investigations and hydrology modeling.

Mr. Pavissich has lead project teams and engineering contract management for the copper mine industry and public works department in Chile during last 10 years, working both as a consultant and director for mining companies.

From 2012 to the present Mr. Pavissich has worked at ATC Williams, Melbourne, Australia as a Senior Associate Engineer, responsible for tailings studies management.

From 2009 to 2012 he worked in Transport, TSF and hydraulic structures design at Codelco, Chile. He was the Head of Engineering for tailings disposal projects for Chuquicatama, Radomiro Tomic, Ministro Hales, Salvador and El Teniente divisions and the Project Chief of Long Term Tailings Disposal System for the Codelco North District with a thickened tailings stack in Talabre for 432 ktpd. 

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