Ximena Abogabir

Ximena Abogabir, Journalist, specialises in environmental communication, citizen involvement, conflicts resolution, participative community management and social responsibility, with over 30 years of experience.

Since 1987 up to date, Ximena is founder and member of the Casa de La Paz Foundation Directory, an organization of public interest of long trajectory in Chile concerning Environmental education, citizen participation, environmental conflict resolution, Participative community management and building of agreements between enterprises, communities and local government.

Actively participates as a member of diverse national and international organism councils related to Environment and development, such as member of the external pannel of review and accessibility to the Inter-American bank of development’s information- BID; Social Counselor: “Responsible behavior” of the Chemical Industrial Association; FSC, Sustainable reports; member of the Ethic Commission for te Solidary Organizations community (114 organisms), among others.

Specialises in environmental education, citizen involvement, conflicts resolution, and participative communitie’s management and involvement enterprise - community. Relator and permanent professor at national and international scenarios regarding community-enterprise involvement.cultural changes and conflict resolution

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