Dr. Cesar Gomez

Cesar Gomez is graduated from Universidad Técnica del Estado, Santiago, Chile, with a diploma in chemical engineering. He joined the Chemical Engineering Department at the Universidad Técnica del Estado, Punta Arenas, Chile, where lead a research group working on the characterization of Chilean coals, and taught mass transfer, transport phenomena and reactor design courses. He obtained MSc and PhD degrees in Fuel Science from The Pennsylvania State University, USA, and then immigrated to Canada to join the Mineral Processing Group at the Mining and Materials Engineering Department at McGill University. In 1989, Dr. Gomez moved to the Research and Development Department of QIT-Fer et Titane as a research engineer where he worked on the development of chlorination and acid leaching processes to clean titania slag. In 1992, he returned to the Mineral Processing Group at McGill to manage and coordinate research projects on minerals flotation with industry and other universities. His research interests are in the characterization of the hydrodynamics of flotation systems, and the development of sensors to probe mineral dispersions and to diagnose the operation of mineral processing equipment. In 1996, he was one of the recipients of the Falconbridge’s Innovations Award from CIMM, Canada, for the development of gas dispersion sensors. Dr. Gomez has been responsible for transferring gas dispersion technology to industrial partners and research groups by providing sensors, training, and conducting surveys in numerous operations all over the world. He has co-edited several international symposium and conference proceedings, and is the author of about 60 research papers on various subjects and about 70 presentations in technical meetings.

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